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Founded at the former “Bruederhospital”, near Frankfurt Zoo, our main practice moved to Uhlandstraße 2 in 2013. We are situated close to the river Main, between the new European Central Bank and the Floeßerbruecke, one of the city's bridges. Our second MRI-practice is located at St. Katharinen-Krankenhaus, close to the U-Bahn station Seckbacher Landstrasse.


It is our goal to create and maintain the trust of our medical colleagues and their patients through the use of modern radiological techniques. We ensure our expertise through continuous professional training at high national and international levels, as well as through daily discourse with other team members and colleagues.

Uhlandstraße 2

Mon - Thur

07:30h - 17:00h
07:30h - 15:00h


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MRI at St. Katharinen-Krankenhaus

Mon - Thur

07:30 - 17:00h
07:30 - 15:00h


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Based on our long experience we are dedicated to providing following radiological services: 

  • MRT
  • CT
  • SONO
  • NUK


Magnetic resonance imaging

MRI uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to generate detailed pictures of internal organs and the skeleton in various levels. This technology does not involve X-rays. “Radiologie Ostend” works with MRI machines made by Siemens: Aera and Symphony TIM 


From "Head to Toe" the following examinations are provided:  


Cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, neck organs, chest organs, abdominal cavity organs, gynaecological pelvic, temporomandibular joint and all other joints such as shoulder, knee etc.   


Special examinations offered at “Radiologie Ostend” comprise:  


Breast MRI, cardiac MRI, MR-Angiography (MRA;  imaging of  blood vessels).


Computed Tomography

The Spiral-CT used at “Radiologie Ostend” generates numerous sectional images of the body, using X-rays in a continuous spiralling motion. In a computer-based process, these produce multidimensional images.


With our 16 –slice spiral CT scanner made by Siemens, from "Head to Toe" the following examinations can be provided:  


All sections of the spinal column, every single joint, neck organs, chest organs and abdominal organs. 


Special examinations offered by “Radiologie Ostend” are: 


CT Urography (representation of kidneys and the urinary tract), CT Angiography (imaging of blood vessels) , low-dose CT of the thorax and of the paranasal sinuses (NNH).


Digital Mammography

Mammography is a specific type of imaging in which low-dose X-ray radiation is used to examine the breasts. In modern digital mammography, the recordings are electronically processed and archived. Having the capacity of showing changes occurring in the breast before a patient or doctor can even feel them, mammography plays a central role in the early detection of breast cancer.

Digital X-ray

Traditional X-ray technology makes use of x-rays which radiate freely through the body. Due to the different intensity of the penetration of individual organs and bones, a print of the object of examination can be generated. Digital X-ray allows images to be electronically processed and archived.


This imaging method is used especially for the thorax and the skeleton, including joints. “Radiologie Ostend’s” digital X-rays are produced with a machine made by “Shimadzu” 



Ultrasound, called also sonography, is a method of creating images of the body's interior through the use of high-frequency sound waves.  In this type of examination no X-rays are needed. Sound waves are recorded as live images and processed electronically.

With our equipment made by Siemens, “Radiologie Ostend” examines:       

abdomen, breast, thyroid, and other soft tissues.


Nuclear medicine

Nuclear medicine is a part of radiology comprising diagnostic examinations resulting in images of the anatomy and the function of the body. The images are created by measuring the energy of a slightly radioactive substance administered to the patient. This substance is usually injected intravenously. In general, the radiation affecting the patient can be compared to a normal X-ray examination.

At the moment, “Radiologie Ostend” is initiating cooperation with other practices in order to offer this form of diagnosis again.

Our team

Based on its long experience, our highly skilled team of radiologists is dedicated to providing comprehensive radiological diagnostics.

Dr. med. Christian-A. Reck

Medical studies at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Frankfurt. Specialist training for radiologist at the municipal hospitals of Darmstadt and Offenbach, completed in 2002. Further specialisation as a neuroradiologist at the University Hospital in Frankfurt, completed in 2005. From 2005 to 2011 head physician at the BG trauma clinic Frankfurt. From 2012 to 2017 head physician of the ZRN Wetterau in Butzbach. Joined our team at "Radiology Ostend" in 2018 as a specialist for neuroradiology and pain treatment under computed tomography.

Dr. med. Corinna Possmann

Medical studies at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Frankfurt and at Humbolt University in Berlin. Medical training at Protestant Geriatric Centre Berlin, Bethanienkrankenhaus Frankfurt, Staedtische Kliniken in Darmstadt and at the German Clinic for Diagnostics in Wiesbaden. Joined our team at “Radiologie Ostend” in 2012 as a specialist for radiology.  

Dr. med. Matthias Tischendorf

Radiological training with specialist dental qualification at Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena, Medical Academy Erfurt and Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet Heidelberg.

Locations & directions

Radiologie Ostend provides services at two locations in central Frankfurt.

Radiologie Ostend

Uhlandstraße 2

60314 Frankfurt am Main

Car Park

Sonnemanstraße 13

S1-S6, S8, S9


Tram 14, 18

Hospital zum Heiligen Geist

MRI at St. Katharinen-Krankenhaus

on the lower ground floor

Seckbacher Landstraße 65

60389 Frankfurt am Main

Parking Lot

Parking at the hospital (fee required)

U4 and Bus 38, 42

Seckbacher Landstrasse

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Unsere Ärzte

Dr. Christian-A. Reck

Facharzt für Diagnostische Radiologie, erworben in Deutschland, Landesärztekammer Hessen

Dr. Corinna Possmann

Fachärztin für Radiologie, erworben in Deutschland, Landesärztekammer Hessen

Dr. Matthias Tischendorf

Facharzt für Radiologische Diagnostik, - Neuroradiologie - Facharzt für Nuklearmedizin und Fachzahnarzt für Radiologie, erworben in Deutschland, Landesärztekammer Thueringen und Baden Wuertenberg